What is a Kinesiologist?

A kinesiologist is an individual who has obtained a four year undergraduate degree from an accredited university. This individual is considered a human movement specialist, having knowledge in anatomy, physiology, neurology, motor control and more.


Kinesiologists can work in a multitude of specializations including injury assessment and rehab, exercise therapy, health and fitness, ergonomics and disability health and safety. If you have suffered from a physical injury whether that is at work, in a car accident, sports related injury or any other life activities, a Kinesiologist can help.


A Kinesiologist offers an active, consistent, evidence-based approach to rehabilitation and/or intervention. This rehabilitation and/or intervention will provide you with your optimum level of function and greatest quality of life.

When to see Kinesiologist?

      • Injury in a motor vehicle accident – ICBC
      • Rehabilitation following surgery – hip replacement, ACL reconstruction, etc.
      • Balance and fall prevention programs with seniors
      • Return to work programs
      • Exercise programs
      • Strength and conditioning programs

Extended Benefits

Most providers cover kinesiology. Talk to your provider today.

ICBC Billing

We are a proud service provider of ICBC. Should you be injured in a car accident, speak to us today regarding your coverage. We provide Kinesiology services at no charge and directly bill ICBC.

Get in Touch

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