Have you been in a ICBC motor vehicle accident?

ICBC have created a new enhanced care model. If you experienced a motor vehicle accident after May 1, 2021 you are pre-approved for 12 Kinesiology or Athletic Therapy sessions. Following this period, you then just come to your therapist or kinesiologist. We submit a treatment plan to ICBC and you’re approved for more sessions.

If you’re in a motor vehicle accident prior to May 1, 2021, you can still receive treatment services. Book an appointment with us for initial assessment and we would send it off to ICBC for approval.

3 steps to access your ICBC injury recovery care

Step 1

Contact Wildewood Health to book an ICBC Injury Recovery Consultation.

Step 2

Receive a free 15 minute one on one ICBC injury consultation with a Wildewood Health team member, to help you navigate your recovery journey.

Step 3

Book your recovery sessions with Wildewood Health.
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