Welcome to Wildewood Health, Nanaimo’s newest and only active therapy clinic. Wildewood Health prides itself on being the most knowledgeable and experienced in our field. We offer a wide range of services that can help you live your best life, they include:

1. Injury rehabilitation – chronic back pain, sore knees, rolled ankle.

2. Strength and conditioning (youth as well!).

3. Performance training / personal training.

4. Special needs programming – pediatric physiotherapy.

At Wildewood Health, these types of services are included in your benefit plan, billed through your physiotherapy benefits. Wildewood Health also offers direct billing for many extended health plans, including Pacific Blue Cross.

Should you be interested in these services or have more questions, please fill out the online submission form found here: and make sure to mention in the description you are a KG Hair Salon client!!

We want to thank all the hospital staff who have worked tirelessly the last few years and continue to do so, your hard work does not go unnoticed.


P.S. still not sure, visit our blog to see how your physio benefit can be better utilized to live your best life: