Ever wonder if a kinesiology or athletic therapy can help you on your physical journey?

The answer – yes!

Our programs are different at Wildewood Health, and for the better! We use a mix of education, active therapy and progressive overload to ensure you are given the tools and knowledge to live the physical life that you’ve already desired for.

OUR MISSION to aid individuals in building confidence around their health and movement so they can regain independence, control and physical freedom in their lives. .

At Wildewood Health, our practitioners work with individuals who are:

1. Experiencing chronic pain
2. Wanting a more structures rehabilitation program
3. Been injured in a motor vehicle accident
4. Have a competition date or physical goal
5. Want to generally achieve greater health and wellness

Introduction Video

We go the extra mile – we go the extra step for people on their health journey. Our high-quality resources and services are not driven by our commitment to excellence, but our genuine desire to help people and support them in their physical goals.

We’re here for you our clinic offers a safe space for clients to feel welcomed, comfortable and open about their struggles. As our clients biggest cheerleaders, we’re fun, relatable and we commit ourselves to approaching each individual with the utmost care and warmth.

Introduction To Our Programs

We’re one team we seek to foster a culture of community and collaboration where each perspective is taken into account, and each individual is acknowledged. We operate under the principle we can all come out better and stronger, when we go hand-in-hand together.

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